What We Do


FLARE is dedicated to the fundamental belief that fat people deserve equal rights under the law. We provide pro-bono consultation services in relevant cases.


FLARE is a founding collaborator in the #NoBodyIsDisposable Coalition, which has been advocating for the rights of fat, disabled, and elders in the face of triage and care rationing during COVID-19.

FLARE also assists individuals and organizations fighting weight-related injustice in many settings including education, healthcare, access, and in intersectional discrimination situations.


FLARE collaborates with organizations including NAAFA, DJCC, DREDF, and NOLOSE to help members of the public understand their legal rights as fat people, whether they are disabled or not.

FLARE assists organizations in understanding opportunities and their legal and ethical responsibilities regarding higher weight individuals.

Community Service

FLARE provides ad hoc support services to a select number of organizations as service to the community. Current organizations for 2020-2021 include: Fat Rose, NAAFA, and DJCC.