Welcome! Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights, and Education (FLARE!) is a project of Solovay Law. We are dedicated to making the lives of higher-weight/fat individuals better through advocacy, legal action, and education.

New York Passes Historic Weight and Height Antidiscrimination Law

We are thrilled to announce that on 5/11/23, New York City became the 9th location in the U.S. where weight discrimination is a clear violation of the law. (Other U.S. locations prohibit weight in more limited circumstances, but do not offer blanket protections.) This historic accomplishment recognizes the disproportionate impact that weight discrimination has on many Black and Brown people. To learn more about existing US laws and decisions, visit our U.S. Legal Protections page.

Current Project: Campaign for Size Freedom

FLARE, in partnership with NAAFA and Dove, is launching the Campaign for Size Freedom. Sign the petition and find out how else you can get involved here.

Current Project: Care Rationing Survey

FLARE and the #NoBodyIsDisposable Coalition have created a short survey to hear from people across the United States who are being denied medical care because of limited medical resources. Responses will be used to help advocate for fair medical treatment.

More information and survey links can be found at www.flareproject.org/rationingsurvey